Refractory maufactutring

BIMAL is a Private Limited Company with Office & Manufacturing unit in Raigarh District of
Chattisgarh State in India. BIMAL has been known as a Refractory Manufacturer in the specialty or
different kind of refractories.
Since 2004, BIMAL is catering the refractory needs & application services of most of the steel, Power
and other Industrial Construction sites in and around of Chattisgarh,Orissa, Jharkhand & W.B. States.
has become a new company through installation of manufacturing unit at Raigarh,
By Virtue of Big Plant & Machinery we have a potential to supply large demands at shortest time.
And by the experienced & Technical application team BIMAL is providing the best services to the
different kind of Industries ie. Steel, Power, Cement, Glass & other Chemical industries.